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Rapidly presses pause/play with no input

Rapidly presses pause/play with no input







Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

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Windows 10


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This has only started today but it has made listening to music, which I do daily and for hours at a time, impossible. Immediately upon opening the desktop app the pause/play button is pressed a couple times a second. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, sign out everywhere, as well as removing any possible keyboard or mouse input from the situation. Plays fine on my iOS device when I'm signed out of my desktop, but as soon as I sign in on desktop my iOS player spams the "continue listening on this device" popup as the desktop player continues to spam the pause/play button. I'm baffled. 5 years of using this service and never had such an issue. 


Tried to upload an mp4 10 second screen capture of the issue but only mp4s are supported. Good lord when did this service become so broken, and why can't I talk to a person about this!!!

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Hey @tysauter 


That's a really odd issue!


Since you've tried many steps already, I would consider taking a look at it in safe mode (with networking).

That step would help you confirm if it's something in your normal Windows instance that's causing this, or if it's a Spotify issue.


To go to Safe Mode you can run msconfig and select "Safe Boot" and add a button to "Networking" under the Boot tab. It'll prompt you to restart.
To get out of Safe Mode, run msconfig again and untick "Safe Boot". Restart.


Let me know if you still see this constant input issue in your Spotify app under Safe Mode. 🙂



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