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Recent update has broken the ability to find songs or artists in your playlist quickly

Recent update has broken the ability to find songs or artists in your playlist quickly







Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Before the most recent update, regardless of how your playlist is sorted (by artist, title etc.) you could click on the playist, not the search bar mind you, but the playlist itself and type in the first few letters of the song/artist you were looking for and it would scroll you to that section of your playlist. This is extremely useful when you have a playlist with several thousand songs in it, and I find myself crippled without this functionality. 


Unsure if this is related to this issue or a separate issue, but also now clicking on the artwork of the Now Playing no longer points you to the correct song in your playlist. 

1 Reply

Hey @kayura87, help's arrived. 


Do you mean that you could just click on the playlist you want to play (on the left panel), and then immediately start typing to search for songs? This is currently not possible, and the filter option at the top of the playlist would be the best way to search for music. If you think this is something that should be changed, feel free to submit an idea on the idea board so other people can vote for it.  


Regarding the second issue, we're aware of this and you'll find more info on this thread.


Hope that explains things 🙂

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