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Recently Played under Your Library empty

Recently Played under Your Library empty

Plan: Premium

Country: US

Device: Windows 10 PC 


Hello, I've had a problem with my recently played tab under the your library section for the past couple of weeks where it shows up as nothing here yet, even though I've been using spotify daily. Searching up the problem helps with nothing. The setting is enabled under social, and nothing is blocked in my hosts file at all. Is there any way to fix this?

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Same problem here. It's a fairly recent occurrence, and is happening with both the Win32 app and the Windows 10 app, even after clearing all data on both and uninstalling/reinstalling.


Edit: Deleting the application data again sorted it, finally.

Did you uninstall or is there a special way of deleting the data to get it working? I've uninstalled 3 times now with it still not working

Uninstalling/reinstalling wasn't enough. I suspect following the instructions here - - for spotify would actually work, but if it doesn't, follow the manual steps I did below. (Yeah, I dived straight into the filesystem without thinking about doing things "the Windows way", clearly been working with computers far too long.)


On the Win10 app, I went into the 3 dots, edit, preferences, show advanced settings. Looked at the Offline Songs Storage location, which pointed me at (if I was to run it in start->run) %localappdata%\Packages\SpotifyABMusic_abcdefghijklm0 (or similar ending string - appears to be random. I'd go with closing Spotify, go to Start->Run (or Windows+R), %localappdata%\Packages, find the SpotifyABMusic_[random string] in the list, go into LocalCache, delete the Spotify folder, go into Local in there, delete the SpotifyAppX folder, go back up two levels (ALT+up arrow), go into LocalState, and delete the Spotify folder in there. Then re-open Spotify, and re-login. Worked for me.


(Tried just deleting the whole SpotifyABMusic folder first, but it turned out it was linked to a few other things. Whoops!)

Thank you for the long reply, but sadly I tried everything you said here and its still not working. Hopefully if anyone comes across this thread your reply will help them. I'm not sure what I can do from here on out.

Are you using the Windows Store app or the desktop app from Slightly different procedures for the latter. 

I'm currently on the app version. Should I uninstall and try with the download from the site?

Hey, apologies for the late reply, been choca. I had the same problem with the Win10 app and the downloaded one, in various installed/uninstalled combinations, so I doubt it'll help you out switching back to the desktop version. 


Maybe try the following:

Uninstall any trace of the Spotify Win10 app and the desktop app (the former via right clicking on Spotify on the start menu and clicking uninstall, the latter from Programs and Features in the control panel). Press WIN+R on the keyboard to pull up the Run command, and paste in %localappdata% and click run. Delete the Spotify folder in there. Go up a level back to the AppData folder (using the up arrow on Explorer or pressing backspace), and go into Roaming. (If you struggle with this, hit WIN+R again, and paste in %appdata% and click run.) Delete the Spotify folder in there too. After that, follow the manual instructions on my first post (the second paragraph), to ensure any trace of the Windows 10 application data is gone. Then reinstall it from Microsoft Store, and see if it starts to play ball. That's basically what I did to force it to comply.

Det vore bra om det gick att få ett svar av någon på Spotify varför man inte kan lägga till låtar i ditt bibliotek artister.


It would be great if you could get a reply from someone on Spotify why you can not add songs to your library artists.


Not sure what this has to do with missing recently played, you may be better off starting a different thread.

Hej Spotify !
Jag har försökt att lägga till låtar i Ditt bibliotek under Artister, men
det går inte.
Skulle ni kunna hjälpa mig med hur man gör.
Jag markerar låten och Hjärtat, men låten hamnar hela tiden i Favoriter och
inte under Artister Varför M. V. H. Grune.

Resetting the app in Win10 settings worked for me. Thanks so much

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