Release Notes for update 0.9.8 ?


Re: Release Notes for update 0.9.8 ?

Casual Listener

The font is too big and there is too much space between rows. There is just too little information visible, one album listing barely fits on the screen.

Dark gray text agains black backround is a very bad combination on LCD/LED displays, they blend too much.

Re: Release Notes for update 0.9.8 ?


Re: Release Notes for Spotify Desktop App 0.9.8


Was just curious to know if the new Spotify desktop app has better streaming quality than the previous one or it's just a placebo effect I am having. Because it feels like my music just came to life again. In my pursuit for perfection I have been hard at work trying to find out if Spotify will be supporting High Res audio streaming since the likes of Apple are rumored to be hard at work on doing this and being that I am very loyal to this service it would be more than a welcome feature that I would embrace with excitement. Secondly, I do love the new UI extremely. Music is my life and Spotify just makes it that much more beautiful for me. Ever since day one of it's official US release I have been using this service, tried other multiple alternatives and still never let go of it! Third, I am a little bit concerned about how some of my favorite songs and albums seem to disappear mysteriously from my playlist and I do understand that some of them have to do with legalities and what not but I would really love it if I could get back one album that means the world to me :Jaab Tak Hai Jaan by A. R Rhaman from the movie of the same title!


Thanks Spotify team for all the hard work you do for me and the rest of the community.



My only feature request for right now is making it easy for users like me to find the changelog whenever an update is released. Let's get to know what's new and what bugs have been squashed especially those under the hood refinements (like High Res Streaming perhaps? lol).... I love knowing! :)