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Remove/Customize "Shows you might like"

Remove/Customize "Shows you might like"

I'm not sure the algorithm that comes up with the recommendations in the "Shows you might like", but I'm getting some podcasts recommendations that are disappointing to see. I liked Spotify because it allows me to get away from deplorable propaganda machine that is Facebook. When I see cult-like disinformation podcasts in this list that stares me in the face when I open Spotify, it makes me want to cancel my membership and no longer send you money.


We need a way to either to user control remove those recommendations or edit them. I'm finding it insulting to see them everyday.


Premium/USA/Desktop player


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Hi @pete_,


Welcome to the Community!


For the app to become familiar with your taste, you can keep listening to the podcasts you do like. No worries, the more you listen, the better recommendations you'll get. This will help the recommendations to be updated so it can include more personalized results. 


You can also leave a +Vote on this and this ideas if you'd like to see the option to change your Home screen content.


If you have any questions, just let us know 🙂

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This solution that you provided is useless. I just want to be able to customize my feed by clicking a button, not by listening hours and hours some podcasts so that your algorithm learns something that should already know based on my "following" list.

It is not difficult at all to add a button for ignoring or blocking certain podcasts. 

There are a few web music players that you can learn from. 


And one of the link that you want us to express our opinion on this particular topic  has this message - 

Updated on 2020-11-03

Hey folks,
We appreciate you coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.
We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement.
If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.

I dont want to listen to podcasts only that the bar is more magically updated. I accidently clicked on a podcast and now there are popping up similar Podcasts with images that I dont like, now I have to look at those faces in the images every day. The entire Block should simply be removable or hide-able.

Facing same issue. I did serach for asmr once or twice but i didnot ask for u guys to put sexy female asmrtist on my front page all the time without any change over months. Put some **bleep** there its ok just change it regularly, but no fixed on amourath asmr and 2 naked podcast girls. Sure either spotify has a 2 men team altogethere or the CEO is a **bleep***** greedy **bleep** who likes embarssing people in public.

Thaanks for removing them from my home screen, good u guys listened.

I'm facing a similar issue, why on earth do i have "naughty audio for men" while the podcasts i listen to are about video games and such. It's annoying to look at and it kills the vibe as fast as I open the app. There should be at least an option to dislike the suggestion or mark it irrelevant for the user to get better results instead of annoying and inappropriate ones. I hope this issue gets resolved soon because it ruins the experience and is very embarrassing.

Yeah I face the same issue even though I don’t listen to any kind of asmr or weird sounds i don’t know how to remove it from my feed in Spotify if the devs read this all I’m gonna say is remove it from my feed and you’ll make one more customer happy

Hey folks,

Thanks for reaching out on the community!

As @Elena already explained, the app automatically sends suggestions based on your listening behaviors, so the more you listen/search the content, that you find appropriate for you, then you will get more and more suggestions of that sort. Gradually, all suggestions should become relevant and on point, given that you are consistent with your searches and streaming.

You are encouraged to express your valuable feedback on this and this ideas if you'd like to see the option to change your Home screen content. 


Please note that even if an idea is currently set to Not Right Now you can still add your vote there and we revisit those ideas on regular intervals. It might be that their time would be right in the future.

Hope this clears things up. If you have any questions or need anything else, the Community is here for you.

Mario Moderator
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that not an answer to the question. I also don't want to see stupid podcasts I do not like.. put a option "dont show" or "I dont like this podcast" and then boom you also get feedback if the users do like it or not.. win-win..

don't be a windows mindset. let users decides what they want to see..

I agree with @antunesm, each of the Moderators' answers are saying "Just listen to something else and hope it goes away."  But what you are really saying is that you spent no time on user testing and just went with someone's hairbrained idea to promote an area of your app that you hope gets more traction.   What results is that users hate it and you help sponsor insurrectionist podcasts because either your AI isn't smart enough yet, people have manipulated your AI so they are more prominent for everyone, or you hate democracy, promote anti-vax culture, and prefer white supremacy.  I'm sure you are saying to your friends and family that Facebook is the cause of why our country is so much turmoil as they promote blatant lies. And at the same time you and your company are doing the exact same thing. 

I haven't ever & don't plan on ever listening to a show/podcast on Spotify. Is anyway I can just hide the "shows you might like?"

It's quite frustrating to see something you're not interested in at the top of the screen when you open Spotify (which is supposed to be all about personnalisation). I also want to know how to remove Shows You Might Like from the start screen. I'm not interested in podcasts, why did you add it there?

I pay for Spotify to listen to MUSIC,  I DO-NOT listen to podcasts, nor have I ever!, at least let me hide the pod cast section, I have a yellow called the 'THESHITSHOW' with the name 'Shagmag' staring me in the face, wth!, where exactly do your choices come from, are they paid slots?  as that is what sounds like if we are all getting them, take a look at the screen shot I attached, does it look like I am ever going to listen to Drum and Bass radio or Dad jokes ffs? 
Please add options like Plex that allows us to display what we want on our own title screen!!



Make this change now! Some podcasts have NSFW covers and it's very irritating to look at every damn day. It's absolutely ridiculous that you do not give the users the option to remove certain contents that they do not like or find appropriate. I am seriously considering deactivating my account and just use Youtube Music from now on.



I too find it very weird that you do not have control about the home page. I want to be able to remove stuff from my home page and indicate I'm not interested in certain content. YouTube does have this, for example. I'm considering cancelling my premium if this doesn't get fixed.

This is a **bleep** answer. I asked to remove manually, not "hey just listen to something else."

I have the exact same issue, I have X-rated podcast covers - none of which i have EVER listened to or intend on listening to showing on my page constantly. I teach in a secondary school and this is HIGHLY inappropriate to be showing on me Spotify if a student ever looked at it. This algorithm does NOT represent me and I find it absolutely incredible that a service I am paying to use does not give me  the function to delete and customise what shows up on my home page. Fix this ASAP or you will lose loyal customers. Screenshot 2021-11-22 202950.png

Honestly we just want a way to remove the "shows you might like" section. I subscribed to family so my dad can have his music ad free. He wont even touch the podcasts. And these weird show suggestions are at the very top of his home screen and will not go away, its absolutely infuriating. Why ask about preferred artists at the beginning of the registration when all youre gonna do is shove these completely unrelated shows in the account holders face anyway?? All the music is at the bottom when music was the primary use for spotify in the first place. Just let us customize our home pages to our taste. 

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