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Repeating windows error sound on start up of spotify, no content loads.

Repeating windows error sound on start up of spotify, no content loads.



Upon starting spotify the interface appears - i get the top menus (file, edit, view) but a black screen below it - no side bar or content, and a continuous repeating windows error sound.

Task Manager shows two/three instances of spotify.exe and spotifywebhelper.exe


I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling numerous times to no avail. Please help I am going crazy without music at work!



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Hey @1249927447


Your profile on the work environment is a roaming one, right? You know, stored on a server, able to log in from any computer.


There's an issue with roaming profiles and Spotify. You can see the Issue thread here. Any updates will be posted there.

Spotify is on %AppData% and if it sits on some network drive, it's not working in some reason...


Workarounds would be getting Spotify on the local %appdata%, running Spotify from a memory stick or... downgrade, which is an option, but a bad one.

Web player, an in-browser client is also present, it's on



If you'd like to use the memory stick variant, you need to go to %appdata% (Roaming) and copy the Spotify folder to your memory stick.
To launch it, you have to go to the folder on your memory stick and click on Spotifylaunch.exe. Spotify.exe works too.
Note: might be better to remove the installed one from the system. I'm also not sure how the memory stick Spotify handles the roaming %appdata%. It's just worth trying...

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