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Saved mobile songs not syncing with Desktop

Saved mobile songs not syncing with Desktop






(Samsung Galaxy S9, Windows 10 Desktop)

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(Windows 10, Samsung OS)


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So I use the "Songs" tab for my playlists, and usually it works perfectly fine, but recently some songs I save to it don't sync with my Desktop app, and i checked the web player and they were synced just fine. And when add them on my desktop app they add twice to my mobile version. I tried a method that some other thread had which was to uninstall and reinstall and delete spotify cache from my hosts file, which originally worked. But the next day stopped working again. So I tried it once again, and nothing resynced, its just 2 songs, but it's frustrating to remove them from the mobile then readd them on my desktop app. Is there a certain version of the desktop I can downgrade to that has this settings working? Or is there a fix available other then the one I found?

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Hey there @RaptorIll,

thanks for posting in the community !


This is probably a small connectivity issue.

What i suggest doing is reaching your account page online and click "Sign Out Everywhere".


Then, make sure all devices you wish to use are updated properly and sign back in on all devices.


Give it a day and it should not happen again=)

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