Search function takes me off album screen

Search function takes me off album screen

Desktop app. When I click the search box, it takes me to the blank "search" screen and starts guessing stuff as I type--instead of going into a nice dropdown bar like google that would keep me on the album/artist/my songs screen. So every time I click the bar it changes screens. It's super annoying. I don't think I changed any settings and didn't notice any updates--it changed mid-use. Is this a bug?

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It's the way the new search feature works, and is being rolled out to everyone. Keyboard navigation is no longer supported. Your only way to get it back is to downgrade the client to an old version.

That seems annoying and useless. Why change to something that's ostensibly much worse? Thanks for the answer, though.


I'll happily downgrade if possible, as long as I can stop it from updating. But I feel like spotify updating is baked-in--I don't think I CAN go back without it just auto-updating again.

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