Search is broken


Search is broken


It should be possible to search for querys that are not perfectly correct but, in a sense, still are. Example (in swedish):



"inatt jag drömde"


-> top hit: "Partiet - Inatt jag drömde" (well ofc, this is a perfect match but with less than 100k plays)


What I meant:


-> "i natt jag drömde något som" (by "Hep stars". Ok, not the exact same phrasing, BUT >500k plays).


My point; it is more probable that the user meant Hep stars or even the original song by Cornelis Vreeswijk.


I would accept this if atleast the query for "inatt jag jag drömde" returned also the orignal song but it seems the search cannot handle "inatt" vs. "i natt" which, imo, points at a serious fault. Also, incomplete searches should not be a problem, even though the handling is better than it used to be so thats nice 🙂


How I found what I was looking for? Google "inatt jag drömde" -> "Menade du: I Natt jag drömde", I did actually, thank you.


Can you guys try atleast, even a slow algo would not affect performance that bad and it would show more relevant results.