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Small question about Private Session

Small question about Private Session

I read through an old thread about Private Session and didnt find an answer to this nor a way to respond to it so I figured Id make a new thread. I understand private session prevents friends from seeing what youre listening to, but does it also prevent the songs i listen to from affecting my reccomendations?


For example: if i listen to, say, The Incredibles soundtrack a few times, Spotify suddenly thinks one of my daily mixes should be a bunch of random movie and tv score tracks. I dont want a bunch of movie score tracks in a daily mix, i just want to listen to specific soundtracks every now and again.


Can I use private session to listen to music without fear of ruining my daily mixes etc.? Or does it only hide your activity from friends?

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Hey there @roguesquirrel,

thanks for posting !


First, let's clear things out.

The private session is only a tool to prevent other users seeing what you're listening to.

It is not a tool to prevent the tracks you listen to under "Private" from appearing on your recommended playlists.


For further info on the Daily Mix and how it works you can check this help page.

In order to control the recommendations, you can use the "Like" and "Don't Play This" buttons.


Let me know if you have further questions 😃

So if we are looking to stop Spotify from using a playlist or session as content for the daily mixes, how do we do that? I regularly use a sleep playlist at night, but don't want to hear it in my daily mixes. How can we accomplish this?

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