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Smooth scroll everywhere now but bugged

Smooth scroll everywhere now but bugged

First you devs should now that not everyone likes it. I am one of those ppl. My operating system Windows never had such feature and I am absolutely used to standard scrolling everywhere. But now you implemented it. There should be option to turn off It's hard to get used to for me but anyway I would after some time.... 


When I return to previous screen in app it is in scroll position when I left it but it actually is in the beginning of page now but app doesn't show it and it is just annoying. Scrolling up doesnt work at this time and when I scroll down it gets me at the start of page instead follow the scroll button position. Very annoying

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1.0.32 update and same problem. My OS Windows 10 64-bit. 

I would really like to be able to turn off smooth scrolling.

Same here,, Windows 7 x64. Scroll position is not retained internally, but still shown visually, when coming back to a previous page. While the view correctly shows the previous position in the page, the scrolling behaviour (mouse wheel) shows that it has actually reverted to the top of the page.

Same problem here (Win 7 x64).

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Any workaround this issue? So bored.

Same here OS Windows 10 x64

Windows 7 64-bit. Having this issue as well. 😞

Same problem here on Windows 7 64 bit.  Just started happening with the last Spotify update a few days ago.  Very annoying.  Please fix!!!

Seriously, turn this **bleep** off or at least give us the option to change it.


I rarely use Steam now because of the recent Chromium update that has forced smooth scrolling on. It's horrible and clunky to use.


I've already stopped paying for a premium subscription on Spotify due to region restrictions, now you're just pushing me away as a user altogether.


I've been using computers for multiple decades now, and it's still beyond me how devs still make these sorts of changes without giving the end user actual options to use them or not.

Same here Windows 10 x64


Can we please have a confirmation that this is being worked on, or at least an acknowledgement that this bug has been noted? I admit I'm having a bit of trouble understanding how the developers of an application with millions of users can almost completely break a function as essential and basic as scrolling, and just leave it unfixed for several weeks. Practically every single operation in the client has become an annoying, confusing chore. I can't browse discographies, I can't look through playlists, I can't create or edit playlists, without pulling my hair every single time.

Can't believe this problem still exists. Really annoying when I'm trying to scroll down for more songs to listen to, but then it just jumps back up to the top of the playlist and I have scroll down to the spot I was just at before I even moved the mouse. 

Scrolling is STILL broken in v1.0.34.146. Bump.

Why are more people not driven completely mad by this?


Update 1: this version broke scrolling even more than it already was! Previously, you could at least prevent the jumping back to the top of every page all the time by grabbing the scrollbar instead of using the scroll wheel or the arrow keys. Since this version, though, the scrollbar disappears when you return to a previous page, and is only displayed again once the bug has been triggered.


Update 2: I figured out that, at least as of the current version, the bug only happens when switching between playlists and other views. If you switch back and forth between two playlists, it's fine. If you switch between playlists and artist/discography views, browse pages, etc., then the scrolling will break.



We got wider scrollbars (I appreciate it).

But mousewheel scrolling is still broken.

As already mentioned, this is still broken on Please fix it!

Great, how about the option to actually turn smooth scrolling off altogether?


I've literally stopped using Spotify because smooth scrolling, I only check this thread occasionally to see if there's any real progress.


Give us the option and I'll go back to using Spotify.

OP from 2016-06-28 09:14 PM


still bugged! just another bug we have to get used to, or leave spotify...they dont really care.

FYI: That stupid scroll position bug still exists, but you can disable smooth scrolling.


Spotify uses the Chromium Embedded Framework, so most (maybe all?) Chromium command-line switches work. Launch Spotify with the --disable-smooth-scrolling flag to turn it off.

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