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Smooth scroll everywhere now but bugged

Smooth scroll everywhere now but bugged

First you devs should now that not everyone likes it. I am one of those ppl. My operating system Windows never had such feature and I am absolutely used to standard scrolling everywhere. But now you implemented it. There should be option to turn off It's hard to get used to for me but anyway I would after some time.... 


When I return to previous screen in app it is in scroll position when I left it but it actually is in the beginning of page now but app doesn't show it and it is just annoying. Scrolling up doesnt work at this time and when I scroll down it gets me at the start of page instead follow the scroll button position. Very annoying

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I wasn't aware that Spotify was using Chromium... It explains a lot.


Thank you for the heads up.

Works! A lifesaver, thank you

A workaround is not a solution. This shouldn't be marked as such. To the devs or your project managers, it's a f***ing checkbox, add it. Stop being complacent.

In the current version ( Spotify isn't working with the --disable-smooth-scroll. Smooth scroll should be a configurable function on all non-tabled devices.

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