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So notifications are crippled now?

So notifications are crippled now?

I know you've removed the notification bell, but is there no other place where I can see when the artists that I follow uploads a new song? 

Push notifications is a joke, if I'm at work and get a push notification I now have to have it there for the whole day to make sure I remember and also what if I accidently remove the notification, how would I then see who uploaded a song?! 

And I don't want you to spam my email.


Please hire me, I'll make some changes for the better. You clearly need it. **bleep**, I'd do it for free.


Also, why can't choose to only get notifications from artists I follow? I don't want notifications about artists that I "might like".

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Unfortunately, Spotify doesn't seem interesting in making changes for the better. Desktop notification removal was one of their worst decisions, and I agree, the alternatives suck. They aren't listening to this community at all.


I feel like the "artists I might like" opens the door for advertising.


It's 2016, email notifications are a joke.

The advertising bit is probably why.. Should've known, it's always about the money.

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