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For some reason, unless I'm on the artist page I cannot pick which songs I want to play. I will go to an artist that I have saved music for and click on the 5th song listed, but it will start playing the 1st song and I have to use the next button to get down as far in the list as I need to go. Please help!

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I am having the same problem just in the last couple days, It works perfectly on my phone but on my computer its having this weird issue and I can't figure it out. I even uninstalled it and re downlaoded it but it didnt work. 

yes !


for me it's the same thing for a few weeks, i don't understand why ! 😕



I'm having a similar problem where if I try to play from the main song list it lets me choose the individual song, but on a specific artist or album it treats the play button for a particular song like a shuffle button.

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