Song skipping out midsong

Song skipping out midsong

So I've been trying to listen to Love & Drugs by The Maine, off of their new album Forever Halloween, and about 1:30 in, it says it "can't play the current track". I was wondering if this was an issue I might be having with my app or if it was some kind of upload error for when they put it on there, because I can play all the other songs on that album just fine, but I don't know maybe it is my app. If anybody can help/explain that'd be great. Thanks!

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Hi joeytisko - That track is working ok on this end. 


Could you confirm your operating system and app version? Have you already tried sign out/ sign in or shutting down the app?

I use Windows 7, and my version is I have logged out and back in, and also tried restarting the app, 

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