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Songs not playing and is unreachable

Songs not playing and is unreachable


I am running the desktop version of spotify on Win10. Since about a week ago, I was unable to play any songs on spotify. When I click the play button, it just changes to the pause icon and nothing happens. Also my favorite songs list appears to be empty, I suspect that the app cannot fetch the list from the server. I tried going to the web player, but the address is unreachable for me.

Things I tried to solve this:
Logging in and out.

Reinstalling Spotify.

Reinstalling Spotify with deleting cache in %appdata%.

Restarting PC.
Trying a browser.
Trying a different browser.

Pinging from CMD promot (host could not be found).
Changing my DNS server to and the alternative server to  and then pinging (host could not be found).

I would really appreciate any help with this issue.

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Hey @Lampicka and welcome to the Community.
Hope you're doing great!


Could you chec if you've the same issues as the users in this Ongoing Issues thread?

If you do I'd suggset adding your vote and details there as well as following the thread for future updates.

Thanks 🙂

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