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Sonos - Need restart of Spotify app daily

Sonos - Need restart of Spotify app daily

Operating System

Windows 10

Sonos Ikea Symfonisk


My Question or Issue

When I select my Sonos speaker it should switch the audio to that speaker (Spotify connect); This works perfectly after I freshly started the Spotify software on windows. However, if the software is still open from the day before, I can NOT connect to the speaker. The speaker is still in the list though, but when I click it, no sound is heard (so it switches away from PC speakers but the Sonos does not get the music). 

I first thought this was an issue with the speaker, restarting it however didn't help. I now know that I just need to restart Spotify and this solves the issue, which show this is a software problem of Spotify.

This has been an issue since the start (years now), I was hoping this was a known issue that would get fixed but it seems not.


NOTE1: I had this on a previous laptop as well, I now have a fresh one so a reinstall of the app is not a solution.

NOTE2: Both my Sonos as Computer are connected to a very stable LAN network via cable.

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