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Sound reduced because by google chrome

Sound reduced because by google chrome







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Windows 10


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I have this annoying issue that my spotify sound is reduced by sounds of my browser. For example when I get a message on facebook, the little sound will reduce the sound of my spotify for like 10 seconds... Or when youtube plays, the same thing.
Every sound from my browser reduces my spotify, but it's only google chrome that does this...

What I've tried

Other browser: no problem, spotify works perfect.

In my sound options I turned the communication option to "Do nothing".image.png
In my speaker properties I've disabled all sound effects.image.png

Reinstalled spotify twice already


I have really no clue what the problem is... I've looked everywhere but can't find a solution 😞

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It's possible that you have the 'Manage audio focus across tabs' flag enabled in chrome, which might cause this issue. You can find this flag in chrome by navigating to 'chrome://flags/' and searching for 'Manage audio'. Can you ensure that it's disabled?

I tried that... But nope, the flag was disabled 😞

I'm having this same problem (and I've taken all the steps you mentioned above) and it's driving me crazy. I'm using AirPod headphones, in case that's responsible in some way. Did you ever find a solution?

If I play on the Spotify web player in chrome, it doesn't change the volume but I would rather use the desktop app.


No sadly I never found the problem. Don't even know if the problem still exists since I now primarily use Linux instead of Windows 😕

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