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Special Characters in URIs

Special Characters in URIs





Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Spotify-HTTP urls have problems with the #-character in usernames. My username ends in multiple #-characters and when I try to share playlists using the http-link and open the link in the browser it redirects me to the profile of the user that has the same name as me but without the #-characters.


Steps To Reproduce

Let's suppose my name is x##.

  1. go to a playlist and copy its link (you'll get an url like https:​​//
  2. open a browser and paste the url into the address bar
  3. you'll be redirected to a location like https:​​// (the #-characters are literal #-characters)
  4. instead of the playlist you'll see the profile of x (not your own profile)


Manual Fix

  1. follow the steps above
  2. take the https:​​// url and replace each #-character in your username with %23 (the url escape sequence)
  3. share that instead, it should now point to your playlist
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