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Spotify App Keeps Freezing My Computer

Spotify App Keeps Freezing My Computer

Pretty self-explanatory.  The Spotify app on my desktop (Windows 10) keeps freezing my computer, every time I try to use it (I've had to use the web player now).


I tried uninstalling Spotify, and reinstalling, but that didn't fix it.


Can someone help, please?

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Seconded.  If you figure it out, please let me know.  We've been having precisely the same issue the past week.

You may have something slowing down you computer. Is it just when you have Spotify that it is slow? Maybe restart you computer and do a virus scan. If it is just Spotify try installing it and using it normal. If it keeps doing that I am not sure what is wrong. You might not have enough space on your computer for it to be fast..

I have the same problem ... randomly my computer Freeze, mouse don't move Keyboard num lock light doesn't work when clicked

Same problem here. Please, Spotify's Team, we need your help.

I have the same issue. It tags the CPU and ram.  I have a Dell Optiflex 990. I7 and 16 gig ram. I have tried a series 9.0 version and it works. I have no problems with Foobar,Winamp,Subsonic or Logitec Media server. My library is 1.2 Tb.

Hi! Sorry about your Spotify not working, you may need to try shutting down your compuer, or turn on and off your wifi  Hope this helps

Did that and did full uninstall and reinstall but no luck.

How do I change Spotify database location. Mysetup is 250Gig SD drive and I have an empty 1TB drive?

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