Spotify Breaks my WiFi




South Africa


Dell laptop

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

If I run The Spotify App or stream from directly from the site my WiFi stops working, no connectivity, dropped packets on PING. But if I listen on my phone, also over the WiFi it is fine. I thought it was the app but the fact that streaming directly from the site has the same effect it is clearly not.


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Did you solve this? Anyone have any suggestions? Not interested in firstline customer support suggestions like "have you checked your internet connection speed".


Use spotify > Breaks internet connection > Need to reconnect to internet. Dosent happen anywere else. 
One thing that makes it not break internet everytime is using NetLimiter 4 and limit Spotifys upload speed. But its not waterproof.

Hi illky, Turns out it was not Spotify, it was my Bluetooth connection to my speaker was interrupting the link to my Router.  Go figure.

Happy you got it fixed!

Im using an old fashion aux connection so it cant be that for me 😕

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