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Spotify Changing the Artist in My Local Files

Spotify Changing the Artist in My Local Files

So I've purchased Beyonce's Lemonade and I've burned it onto my computer, put it into my local files so that way I can add the songs to other playlists while on mobile. Everything is working how it should but two of the song's information is wrong in the playlist, like the artist and the album/ album art. In my local files all of the information is correct so I'm not sure why the information is different in my playlist. I know this might be nitpicky but it's kind of driving me crazy having some random album art come up. I've gone through and checked all of the files that are on my computer and the artist and album information is correct there but for some reason as soon as I added those songs into its own playlist they've changed. 


Is there a way to fix this?

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Same problem, no sollution i think but the artworks are weird tho.

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