Search results decreases or lessen when using the sorting options

Search results decreases or lessen when using the sorting options

So I don't know if anybody else has ran into this issue. I've only ran into it a moment ago myself but it would seem that when using the search bar on Spotify, if you try sorting the results it actually removes some of them. In my case its a lot of them.


Now I haven't search things up in a long time with Spotify and from what I've seen it has changed quite a bit. It's seems more straight forward and easy to navigate and narrows down what your going after. Like if you want to look for songs individually or look into artist or albums that are pertaining to what you searched all in one page with a more intuitive layout.


Kind of a no brainer I know but maybe the problem came about when they updated the searching system at some point. I don't really keep track of updates and like I said before I haven't used the search feature in a long time so I don't know when the problem may have started or what update its associated with.


But what I do know is what I've more or less "Tested". I type "Mix" into the search bar and I'm greeted with the standard page which helps specify what I'm after. I click "Songs" or "All Songs" and I get my results. Now here is where I knew something was off. The first big chunk of results where songs that are on my computer locally which I find strange.


After scrolling for a bit I found artists and songs that I know I don't have and proceed to browse. After clicking a couple of songs I felt that I would find new songs faster if I sort them and so I did. I sorted them out by artist and started scrolling down. Now to my confusion I got to the bottom of the list really quickly meaning that there weren't a lot of songs in the list.


To make this story short I found that when I do not alter the list with any of the sorting options the list its self is very long if not almost endless. Though I don't know how many of those songs are actual search results and not my local files. Also worth mentioning that when I do sort them the list still keeps my local files in the search results. So a good chunk of the shorten list are songs I already own.


I tried checking to see if the search bar checking my local files was a new feature that can be toggled but it appears that is not the case.


If a fix could be made I would be very grateful cause as it stands now this kinda puts downer on my search binges. It makes searching for new songs kind of annoying and a bit of a hassle.


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