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Spotify Desktop[Windows] - Screen cannot be fully adjusted for vertical displays

Spotify Desktop[Windows] - Screen cannot be fully adjusted for vertical displays

I noticed this after the last update.

I am using one of my screens for development, it is positioned vertically,

and I am used to view my playlists comfortably.

Today when I try to Maximize the window it fits only half of the screen (as a regular positioned screen I presume).

Furthermore, when resized to it's maximum as described (or manully by dragging)

the Play/Pause/Vol bar disapears.


Currently using Free account.



2017-07-16 21_54_12-.png
2017-07-16 21_54_45-Garden City Movement - My Only Love.png
2017-07-16 21_55_03-Garden City Movement - My Only Love.png
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I also have this issue.


Repro Steps:


  1. Setup:
    1. Get a Windows 10 desktop with two monitors.
    2. Set up your monitors so that you have one landscape and one portrait monitor.
    3. In display settings, set the portrait monitor's Orientation to "Portrait" or "Portrait (Flipped)":
    4. Example: <image removed>
  2. Open Spotify and maximize it on the current monitor. It will take up the entire monitor (expected behaviour).
  3. If the monitor is Landscape, move Spotify to the Portrait monitor. If the monitor is Portrait, move Spotify to the Landscape monitor.
  4. Maximize Spotify.


Spotify takes up the entire monitor in Portrait / Landscape orientation.



On the second monitor, the height or width of Spotify is clipped.

  1. If the first monitor was Landscape, the height of Spotify is clipped to the Landscape monitor's height.
  2. If the first monitor was Portrait, the width of Spotify is clipped to the Portrait monitor's width.


I opened Spotify on the Portrait monitor and maximized it. It filled the monitor as expected. When I moved it to the Landscape monitor, it was clipped at 1080px and I was unable to access the close / maximimize / minimize buttons.


<image removed>



It is possible to temporarily fix this if you:

  1. Open Spotify.
  2. Wait for it to finish loading.
  3. Maximize it on the monitor which has the desired orientation.
  4. (Spotify's dimensions are clipped)
  5. Close Spotify.
  6. Re-open Spotify.
  7. (Spotify opens on the desired monitor, maximized in the correct orientation, with no clipping).

You must do this every time you move Spotify to a monitor with a different orientation.


Hey @shuffl3


There are similar things going on for monitors with 4K+ resolution. Apparently disabling hardware acceleration could help here too.


Thanks for the workaround 🙂 , hope it will be fixed soon anyway

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