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Spotify Jedi mind trick:Data corruption IS a bug

Spotify Jedi mind trick:Data corruption IS a bug

Spotify employees try a Jedi mind trick on virtually every user that reports a problem here. It looks like this: 


We recommend logging out, restarting your device, and logging back in. If that doesn't do the trick, running a clean reinstall of the app can help to get rid of any cached files that might be causing trouble. You just need to follow these steps.

Every now and then, perhaps in one case out of 30, they "solve" the problem for the user. The Spotify employees behaviour then makes it clear that this is the end of the matter. Problem solved. There is nothing wrong with the application. But this is nonsense. In reality this proves that there is at least one bug that corrupts the users install and/or local data. There is nothing to suggest that the problem will not reappear for the user soon. Also, nothing has been done to help all the other users impacted by the data corrupting bug.


In my opinion, giving these instructions as the standard response is an appalling disgrace. It shows without a doubt that Spotify is perfectly well aware that it has long standing data corruption bugs that affect many users and which have not been addressed. Instead of fixing these bugs countless users are made to perform, usually useless, time consuming procedures. A frustrating waste of the paying customers valuable time.


I think we paying customers deserve some straight talk on this. Please answer these questions:


  • Is Spotify working to to diagnose and fix these bugs?
  • Where is your information about these bugs?
  • Why do you keep implying that Spotify is not broken if a complete reinstall including wiping all the users local data "fixes" a problem?

Also see: The abysmal state of this forum and Spotify's bug Management

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Agree and bumped.  Absolutely insulting conduct.


You guys have a lot of staff spending more time on their phones than on their keyboards, don't you?

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