Spotify Windows 10 problem

Spotify Windows 10 problem


Hi, I installed Spotify on my new pc with Windows 10. Everything was fine but once I log in I can't select any song because it won't play. No matter how many times I reinstall it, the problem still there. I tried to log in with another account and the problem won't go. I can't play any songs and my favourite songs list is empty. On my Phone the app it's alright, no problem there. Any help? 


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Hello there @masterpedro88 !


This is a known issue with the desktop app and it's currently under investigation. You can track it here and vote for it so it catches more attention. Also I'd suggest you to try the workaround described there, it seems to be fixing the issue for most of the users. Hope this will get a fix on Spotify's end soon.


Have a nice day 🙂

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