Spotify Won't Let Me Play a Local File


Spotify Won't Let Me Play a Local File

Casual Listener

I am in the local part of the PC desktop client, and Spotify won't let me play this specific song. "This song is not available. If you have the file on your computer you can import it." ......... What.


So, what is this? Spotify just doesn't want to play my MP3 file? This is ridiculous. I couldn't find any solutions on google and I'm getting really pissed about this.


Also, there might not be a solution for this, but sometimes, spotify will detect a local file to some part of their library and then retag it. For example, when I tried to play a Tool song, spotify completely disregarded the album art I tagged the mp3 file with and put a Tool Collaboration Album's artwork on it. I really hate that, I tag my music for a reason, it would be nice if that feature could be disabled.