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Spotify app for Windows 10 - Popping / Crackling

Spotify app for Windows 10 - Popping / Crackling

I'm getting popping / crackling on my Lenovo Carbon X1 laptop.   Wired earbuds.   Have tried re-installing Spotify, updating drivers, turning off firewalls.   Still getting popping / crackling, UGH!!!!!

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Hey @kshortt


That sounds bad!

Can you tell me more about the crackling - is it constant, or does it become more obvious when you're opening some other programs for example?

Is the crackling present elsewhere too (Youtube, local media player...)?



Looking forward to your reply! 🙂

Constant crackling every few seconds, only on Spotify on my laptop.   No problems on iphone / ipad.



It's good that other devices are clear of the issue. 🙂

I just asked it so I could rule out possible latency-related issues. Wifi-card and programs with heavy resource usage could cause latency issues that can become audible by dropouts and stutters... There are little programs available for measuring the latency.


However, could you try this feature of Windows on it? On Win10 you can actually right-click on the Spotify icon, choose Properties and look into Compatibility tab (Compatibility troubleshooter). It may help.

Another thing that may be causing this is Avast (if you're using it). Its firewall module scans everything, including https traffic and the result may end up glitchy. Excluding Spotify from there will cure the issue. Maybe some other antiviruses (with firewall components) could do the same thing. Windows' own firewall should also allow Spotify traffic through.


Keep me posted!

Problem seems to have cleared up for now, not sure why -:).


I have been on my corporate network, it's possible  they have some security software causing some problems.   I logged into Spotify on my home wifi bypassing my corporate network, problem seemed to go away.   I'm now back on my corporate network and it is working fine.

Thanks for your help.

Excellent news! I'm glad it got sorted out...whatever caused it 🙂

Have a great week!

Same, exept my computer isn't updated to windows 10.

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