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Spotify freezes on laptop for 5-10 seconds

Spotify freezes on laptop for 5-10 seconds







ACER Aspire 10 months old

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

 It freezes unannaounced stopping music. I have to wait or refresh.


It happens on both ACER laptops I own. On 2 separate WiFis. One is a business Wifi, the other is my own fibre optic at home with only me living here currently.


It's a bit of a joke. It just stops playing out of nowhere and it's a daily basis.


No I am not using it on another device and only I use my own Premium service.

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It also doesn't allow me to press PLAY on available songs for more than 10 seconds occasionally. I want to change song and it won't. It just keeps playing the same song until it eventually relents and let's me change.


It's also self-adjusting volume today!

Hey @FractionBronson


That sounds strange!


Just as a precaution, I recommend changing your password and signing out all devices by following the steps in this article. 🙂

You can also try reinstalling Spotify to wipe out possible client-side issues.


Let me know how you get on!

I use the Chrome player and not the software for it.


It's adjusting volume down 100%. I thought I was going mad. Why?



Did you try changing password and signing out of all devices as shown in the first article? 🙂


You can also try clearing your browser's cookies and cache, trying incognito mode and trying another browser.


Keep me in the loop!

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