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Spotify language problem

Spotify language problem

I live in the Netherlands. I am not Dutch, nor do I want to see Spotify in Dutch - but I do and I have no way to change this.


I have the same problem with both web player and downloaded player. I tried to change country in Preferences, but the option is grayed out. I've chosen English as my language in the desktop player, however over half of the playlists have Dutch descriptions. So it seems the playlists option is based on my location?


I understand that for some people localization is a great thing. However I am not one of those people. Where is the magic button that allows me to freely browse the content in a language of my choice, regardless of my location?

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Hi there,
Welcome at the Spotify Community!


  • Which country is your payment method from? 
  • Which country is listed at your account at the Spotify website? 

Please let me know, thank you. 

Hi MichaelW


As I currently use Spotify Free, I do not have Payment method set.


I just checked "My Settings" on the website. Under Preferences my timezone is set to default (GMT - UK) and language to US English. Since I live in the NL, I chose Netherlands as country, and that shows up in my profile. And that cannot be changed. I think I just found the answer - is that because "For various music licensing reasons, Free users are not able to use Spotify after 14 days outside of the country selected in their account settings"?


If yes, I can live with that. If I can make Spotify website and player talk to me in a language I prefer.


Apropos player... just noticed that when I Browse / Discover, the client recommends me all kinds of scheife becuse I "listened to Britney Spears".... has my Spotify account been hacked or something? My listening preferences are quite a bit heavier, funkier and jazzier...






Have you already tried the webplayer? I can change my language when clicking the 'cog' icon at the left bottom.

As said on the initial post, the same applies to web playear and downloadable one.


Choosing the country in the icon in the front page, conveniently located 10 pages down instead of the obvious place on the top of the page, changes the front page language. It affects neither the web player, nor the downloadable one.


So content is based on the language due to licensing reasons. But at least I'd like to be able to filter out "De Nacht is Nog Jong Net Als Wij Voor Alltijd", "Hard Van Buiten, Gebroken Van Binnen", "De Leeuw Zingt Long" (these be in new releases) and other such I am not really interested in.

me too. I live in Panama but my account in English not Spanish. I haven't signed up for a premium account until I am sure I can get my info in English. The app on my phone is in English in Panama with a Panamanian SIM. What is the problem with the web player?


Hey guys.


If you're still having trouble with changing the country on your account, reach over to the team at They'll take a look behind the scenes for you.


If you receive an automated reply, get back to it and this will make sure your email gets through to the correct team. Also, if you post your 8 digit case # here, we'll make sure the right team get onto this for you too.


I hope this helps out.

I'm having the same problem. I live in Spain but my country is set to France, and I can't change it in the settings because the only option allowed is the current one: France. I've sent an email to Spotify Support and received an automatic reply, the subject was case # 04675170. 

I had this issue pop up on the web after I clicked a link to a dutch website from reddit, was on the site for 5 seconds, and then closed it.


The fix for me was to clear the site data for Requires signing in again, but my guess is that they saw some cookie from a dutch website, and for some reason default to the dutch version of their site, despite the fact that my location is set to USA and my language is set to English. Seems like a major oversight, considering you can't even take the language out of the URL to go to the English page, it will always redirect.

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