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Spotify local files not linked

Spotify local files not linked






(PC ( (Windows Store version)))

Operating System

(Windows 10 x64 1803)


My Question or Issue

Hi. I have problems with Spotify not linking local files to Spotify database (all artist and albums are greyed out instead of usual white). I had no problem with this before, and this happens after I removed local files database and relinked it.

I just want my Spotify desktop to link my local files to Spotify database so my local files list will have clickable artist and album, just like it used to.

I searched a fix for this for weeks but I can't find the solution to this problem.

I've reinstalled Spotify many times but with no effect.

Please help.

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I would try making a playlist, moving all of your local files to the playlist, and selecting the "Download" option in the playlist (just under the follower count in the desktop application).


If this still does not work, let me know what the issue is.


Good luck!

I've done this a couple of days ago, but still no effect.

The issue is, I want to link my local files to Spotify database so all those albums and artists in local files are clickable (It was clickable (I can click on albums and artists name from my local files), but I was removed and re-added my local file from my storage, and it's all unlinked (albums and artists are not clickable)).


Hmm, ok I know what you mean. That is frustrating. I would try uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify. Since you were able to click on them before, it might be the case that Spotify only allows you to click on the artists/albums that were there when it was downloaded/opened. 

The fact is, I never put any of my local files to playlist before and it worked normally. Now I can't, even though I put it on a playlist. I've reinstalled Spotify and albums/artist list won't light up like it used to.

Bump. This issue is still not resolved. Please help.

I need a clarification whether that feature is removed or not.

I have the exact same issue. Did you find a solution?

Spotify removed the linking feature so there’s no way to resolve this. 

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