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Spotify no longer works & all playlists wiped.

Spotify no longer works & all playlists wiped.

About a month ago I noticed Spotify would not play random songs, usually ones not already added to my playlist. This made music discovery very difficult on a music discovery platform.

Eventually songs on my playlists would also not be available. This consistently got worse.

I followed the steps here on the community site. A clean reinstall deleted all the data from my playlists. Now, there's just my local files in the old playlists, none of the music I saved from Spotify's online listings. I can play none of these local files through Spotify, they're all grayed out.

Multiple clean reinstalls later, nothing changes.

What can I do to get my playlists back if the "Playlist Recovery" section of the site only provides me with more empty playlists and not the contents of those playlists? I can't even port over all the music I found to a new program because I can't remember the hundreds of songs I saved.

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Are you sure Spotify is connected? Could be a firewall configuration. 

Do you have a mobile device? Does your library look correct on your mobile device?



Hi Everyone,


I am also experiencing a similar issue. I first noticed it ~a week ago (7/22/2019) where certain songs in albums look like they're available to be played but could not be played when clicked on.


Then this morning, when I launched my Spotify App, it says all of my albums are empty and almost no songs can be played. I've tried the soft restart, I've tried re-installing, and I've also tried the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\host file work around but no luck. 


I should note that I have the same issue regardless of using the App or the Web-based browser




Nevermind -- please disregard my issue. Asked around and found out that all of my coworkers have a similar issue with Spotify where popular songs are able to play with no problem but the less popular ones / old ones typically do not work. We beleive it's likely due to our company's firewall or internet setting that is causing this issue.


7-29-2019 Spotify Album Page Screen Shot.png

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