Spotify not playing nor closing


Spotify not playing nor closing


I know that there are plenty of boards on this subject, but I sincerely have not found an answer that fixes the problem.

I recently downloaded Spotify at the program's insistence so that I could list and listen to a song on Tumblr. I've been wrestling with it for a couple of days, and not only does it not play any of my songs locally, but even the radios do not work. I see the songs imported from iTunes and my computer, as do I see the artwork. Volume on both the player and my computer are at max (and I know it's not my computer's settings, I can hear other things just fine). Howver, there is no play time stamp at the bottom, nor a button on the duration bar (not even 0:00). There are no error messages to be had, offline and online mode give me similar results, and the wi-fi location I use has no effect.


I've followed various suggestions on previous boards I've scanned, taking note of the date these solutions were posted as well as the OS that the problems occured on. I am running Windows 8 on an HP Pavillion g7 laptop, with the latest version of Spotify. I've reset my computer, uninstalled and re-installed Spotify at least three times, and still nothing.


I'm not stressing completely about this; I mean, I'm totally cool with sticking with iTunes and Pandora. I'm just wondering why this is such a problem and if there really is a viable solution to it or not.


Also, the only way I can really close Spotify is through task manager. Otherwise, it remains an active window on my start bar. Closing and restarting continually re-installs it with updates I thought had already been installed, and after closing and re-opening, any settings I had made before have been lost... I'd really appreciate a little help.

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Hi, have you tried installing Apple Quicktime? This normally fixes issues with iTunes tracks 🙂


Also, please disable your firewall.



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For local file play back, I would suggest you make sure Apple Quicktime is installed, since it will install the missing codecs needed to play your iTunes content. 


Few others things you can try:

- Make sure you have internet connection sharing disabled (it is known to cause issues).

- Run Spotify as administrator. You can do this by right clicking the Spotify icon on the desktop.

- Untick "Enable Hardware Acceleration" in the Edit > Preferences menu.



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