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Spotify on PC will not play songs unless I like/heart them.

Spotify on PC will not play songs unless I like/heart them.

I look up a song on any album, I click the play button and nothing happens. The play button will remain grey unless I like the song, and go through my "Liked Songs" playlist. I reinstalled the program multiple times and this problem has persisted for over a month.
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I have exact same issue - Windows 10 21H2 Pc

Additionally I found out from other thread related with this bug is that I am able to play different songs simultaneously on my Pc and my Android phone. And my PC isn't recognized from other devices when choosing where to play music.

Reinstalling the desktop app, rebooting laptop didnt help, Same for clearing cache and logging out from all devices through Account settings.

Hey @mdeg and @stykus666



This sounds like an Ongoing Issue affecting many Spotify users. Could you please read this post and confirm if your problem is the same?

If your problem is the same as the post I linked above, please upvote the post, and read and follow the instructions in the Status update section.





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It is the same issue, yet none of the suggested solutions work. It's been over 4 months since a status update was provided, and the "Top Answer" did not solve my issue.


I submitted a reply with a  log file via Google Drive.


After hours of troubleshooting, I am on the verge of cancelling my subscription, as I am being delivered a broken service.

Thanks for submitting a log file. I wish I could provide more support but it's really up to the Spotify team now.

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