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Spotify on Windows buttons (queue, devices, volume and fullscreen) do not work

Spotify on Windows buttons (queue, devices, volume and fullscreen) do not work







Operating System

Windows 10



My Question or Issue

Below a certain Y pixel position on my monitor, the 4 controls in the bottom right of the app are no longer active and cannot be used.


If the window and the controls are above a certain Y value on my monitor, then they work fine and I can access the queue, change the volume etc.

As soon as I move the window and move those controls below a certain level they stop working. They no longer highlight when hovered over and they cannot be clicked. The other controls on the bottom bar continue to work fine. I can click album art or song titles, I can use the playback controls etc. It's just the 4 small controls on the bottom right that stop working.


If it helps I have a 2 monitor setup, with the right monitor in portrait mode.


|-----------| |           |

|        1        | |     2    |
|-----------| |           |



When the Spotify app is on monitor 1, no problems.

When the app is on monitor 2 I get the issue


Both monitors are in 1920x1080 resolution (2 is 1080x1920 of course)

Position is taken from the top left of monitor 1 (0,0).

Monitor 2 top left pos is (1920,-418).

The issue occurs at (x,1265). At this line the controls stop working.

Anywhere above, no problem. Anywhere below, all the problem.


Please see the attached image showing the 2 states.

The top snippet shows the queue button highlighted and clickable.

The bottom snippet shows the queue button grey and unclickable.


I am using the latest version AFAIK as I tried uninstalling and reinstalling.

working not working.png
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