Spotify playing the wrong playlist

Spotify playing the wrong playlist






Operating System

 Windows 10


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Spotify keeps playing the wrong playlist when I try to play music. When I click on a playlist I want to listen to it will play the first song correctly but then switch over to an entirely different playlist. It switches over to the same playlist no matter what I try to play. When I click on the song to find out what playlist it's coming from it tells me that im playing the correct playlist but it's not. How do I fix this?

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Hey @zaydacat124


Thanks for posting - we’re here to help!        

First thing you can try here is performing a clean reinstall of Spotify on your PC. This will update your app to the latest version and remove corrupted files that could be causing this issue. 


If you see no difference after the clean reinstall, check your hosts file for entries that need to be deleted. Follow the steps described here on how you can do that. 


Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes. 

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