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Spotify plays the first song in the list rather than the one I selected.

Spotify plays the first song in the list rather than the one I selected.

Hoping someone can shed some light on a strange problem I've been having for about a week. When I select a song to play, rather than playing the song I selected, Spotify simply plays the first song in the list. In an album, for instance, regardless of which song I select, only the first plays. I am experiencing this problem when filtering my library by "Artists" and "Albums." My "Songs" tab and playlists are working properly. 


I can only navigate to the song I want to hear by selecting the first song in the list (or selecting any of the others, as this will simply cause the first song to play) and then clicking the "Next" button until I reach my desired song.  


I uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify today and it has not solved the problem. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there any known way to fix it? 

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I don't have a solution but I can offer sympathy as I am also experiencing this problem, although only in albums.

Ever since my Spotify client upgraded to version (on Windows) this has been occuring for me and it is driving me nuts.  This needs corrected ASAP.

Interesting. I just double checked and now it seems I am only experiencing the problem when I filter my music by "Artists" or "Albums." Within a playlist I no longer seem to have the problem. In addition, if I just open the "Songs" tab it works fine. 

This behavior is the same for me (works fine in Playlists or going to the Arist/Album page via search, but using Saved Album or Artist view It is always playing the first track.  Unforunately, for me, I am typically am naviagating to my saved music via the saved Ablum view so I have to use the track skip button a lot to get to the track I want.

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