Spotify program showing as offline when connected to vpn

Spotify program showing as offline when connected to vpn

The Spotify program is showing as offline when connected to Nord vpn. Is there anyway to fix this because it is annoying to disconnect and reconnect to vpn every time?

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Hi there @alex_wolf400,

thanks for reaching out !


Could you please state your country of which you're using the service from ?

In addition, providing the type of device in use and the subscription type could help as well.


Thanks for your cooperation 🙂

Asus X550L laptop

Never had trouble playing music on my desktop, laptop or phone through a VPN (All in NL) until a few days ago. Every app and web player throws errors now, stating connection and firewall issues, even though nothing has changed. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this problem seems to originate at Spotify's end. I've been using the service for over three years, but if Spotify can't guarantee reliable service through a VPN, I will have to cancel my subscription.

Hi there @alex_wolf400 @Sub91,


Spotify is recommended usage is through a sorted WiFi or Lan/network connection only.


Using VPN may cause and effect the app's function negatively.


Thanks for reaching out again 🙂 

Got it. I really hope this changes, but as long as this company is actively working against my privacy I will not be using it.

What kind of answer is this? People are going to use VPN’s and if Spotify doesn’t work with VPN’s, people are going to stop using Spotify... I am a premium family plan customer and won’t continue to be if Spotify can’t play nice with the top VPN providers in the world.
The same thing these customers have notes is happening for me on mobile (though not on desktop).
As of a few days ago Spotify now thinks I’m offline (all my other apps have no issue). Have been using NordVPN for a long time w/Spotify without trouble (in the USA).

Has something changed on Spotify’s side?

UPDATE:  After a few weeks I updated the app and the issue seems to be resolved.  I’m sorry we fought, I still love you Spotify. 

Some days ago Spotify started reporting itself offline. It does not let me play any song, not even browse my library. I just found out that if I disconnect from the corporate VPN it immediately reports itself back online. In these corona times I work from home and need to use this VPN. How can I get Spotify working over the VPN? Every other programme works fine.


I currently have version 1: on Ubuntu Linux.


Thank you.

This is a huge issue, and it bothers me all the time. When the PC is 'offline' spotify refuses to serve any music - offline being defined by what windows (in my case) is reporting, aka the net icon is showing offline ('No internet access' shown), but NOT actually being offline.


Using a VPN or even sometimes just what seems to be a bug in windows causes this to happen. The thing is this: NO other apps scrutinize or rely on my computers online connectivity status to determine whether or not to load something. None. Spotify is the only application I have ever seen that flat out refuses to serve content even when I am online. Just attempt to load the content and serve it if it does. If not, show offline like you do currently. Graying out everything in the app just because the user is on a VPN or the network driver is showing offline doesn't make any sense and it is extremely frustrating. Not understanding the mechanism that requires this.

Can you sort access to spotify when using pia vpn on android samsung telephone? The off line status is weird. Why should spotify know my IP to serve the contract? 

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