Home page not loading in Web player - Couldn't find that page error


Home page not loading in Web player - Couldn't find that page error

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United States


Desktop Chrome Web Browser

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

When I open the web player on any browser on any computer I see "Couldn't find that page" error. I also see this on the desktop app. 


If I open up the chrome console the following API request throws a 500 error




The message returned back is the following JSON (which I assume is just a generic response)


"error" : {
"status" : 500,
"message" : "Server error."


I've tried: 

  1. Removing and Re-Installing the app
  2. Trying different browsers (Edge, Firefox, Etc)
  3. Cleared the browser cache.


One thing I'll add is that I often play Spotify on my desktop, but I control the player from my laptop to save monitor space, and I noticed today that the playlist on my laptop stopped matching up with the one on my desktop. Specifically, I was listening to a song radio and while the now playing bar at the bottom matched up, the radio playlist itself had different songs on my laptop vs my desktop. 


I closed/re-opened the app on my laptop to see if that would fix the issue and I got this error. The next time I closed/re-opened the app on my desktop pc I started to get the error there as well. 

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 I have exactly the same problem while on Androids it's doing OK. A problem with Windows 10 ? Because that morning there was an update I didn't pay attention to and since then I didn't open Spotify on my computer.


Edit : I started other updates and when it stopped Windows defender told me they blocked some Spotify's features ! And it was on "public servers" instead of "Private" ! I obviously changed it and told Windows defender to allow Spotify and now it works !  You should check if the problem isn't windows defender.

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Update: The issue seems to have resolved itself. I'm not sure if there were server issues or if what I was doing got my account into an odd state that eventually went away when my daily mixes refreshed or the home page recalculated itself.


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@mprothme We're glad to know you're able to access the Web Player without issue. Most probably it was a hiccup server-side, so feel free to reach out again if there's anything else we can do for you. 


@Naoko94 It's great to know it is working for you too. Certainly, the desktop app and Web Players work better with Private connections, so make sure to always keep it that way.



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