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Spotify's taskbar icon on the wrong monitor every single time (dual monitors)


Spotify's taskbar icon on the wrong monitor every single time (dual monitors)

We had a five page thread; Spotify closed it because "nobody responded in a long time". That's because, Spotify, ya never fixed it.


How to reproduce (you need two monitors):


1. Open Spotify and close it on the second monitor.

2. Open Spotify again. The icon will be on the primary monitor, but the window will be on the secondary monitor.




Windows 10 Pro x64, version 1803 (April 2018 update).

Spotify version (Windows Store version).


See this 45 second video for the full walkthrough (see a normal application vs Spotify). Put the icon on the correct taskbar, Spotify.




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120 Replies

Yesterday I downloaded Spotify again for the first time in a year and found the same issue again. However, now when I drag the window across monitors, the icon follows suit in the taskbar. That's different from a year ago, at least. 

Hey there,
Thanks for all your comments so far.
We've done some investigating on this and we’d really love to help with this but are unable to as it's to do with Windows rather than Spotify. We recommend getting in touch with our friends at Windows. They’ll be able to provide you with the best possible support.
Sorry we can’t do more, but let us know how you get on. We’ll be right here if you need any further assistance.
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This is a blatant lie as this was not an issue whatsoever before the (Frankly terrible and completely pointless) redesign.

Please do not mislead users.

You're kidding?! No Windows application I have installed has this kind of problem. Only Spotify shows up the Icon on the wrong Taskbar! This IS a Spotify issue! This Issue is NOT solved!

How is this a windows issue?  Terrible support on this.


This bug ONLY exists with Spotify.

Watch this (included in the OP) and share Spotify's actual response. I'll wait. Please do take the time to understand the problem with your software.


Most people don't bother to include a video of the bug, but I did. Please respect the time that took and please remove your "solution" immediately.



I've now removed the unfortunate solution. It's 100% incorrect and it belies a lack of investigation.


Spotify, please. View the video. I originally uploaded it here on Streamable, but it is now on YouTube, as well, so it can be embedded inside this post.


This is 100% a Spotify problem. No other programs exhibit this wrong behavior.


Here are the version numbers, as requested, Katerina. Disabling hardware acceleration is not a reliable fix.





Spotify (Windows Store version)

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x64 | 1803 (OS Build 17134.648)


This is not using any beta of Spotify nor any Preview version of Windows. I am using all released, non-beta software. This can be reproduced on every Windows machine using these settings above.

Not a single person has posted: "Oh, not happening for me." That means something, Spotify...

Still having this issue in 2019...

The squeakiest wheels get oiled first. These forums and their normal support channels, as we can see, are by and far useless for actual, reproducible bugs.


For anyone with a Twitter account, you can send a private DM to @SpotifyCares and send them a link to this thread.


I DM'd this support account yesterday and @SpotifyCares asked the first relevant question anyone at Spotify has ever bothered to ask in at least 200 days: "What are your taskbar settings?"


Just 20 more questions, I'm sure, and Spotify will be able to muster:


>Oh, so this bug is with two monitors. We did not realize that from the first report. So, Spotify's final recommendation is to contact your monitor manufacturer (preferably the manufacturer who made the monitor where the icon does not appear) and then your local electrical utility for an appeal. Barring a resolution from them, my research shows your city council has the final appellate jurisdiction, unfortunately. Bugs about two monitors are pretty much beyond our control.

Jokes aside, they seem to be taking the issue more seriously than the last four Spotify "team members" have taken it.



If/when they update...I'll share.


No updates were ever made on the six-month-old tickets. They simply dropped the tickets. Poor form, Spotify.

Still not fixed. Any news so far?

Nothing. It's, of course, broken as ever. No news from any channels...just Spotify's boilerplate "OK" response to bug reports.

Two days ago:


And just this afternoon from Twitter:


Still one of the only applications I have that doesn't have a public "release notes" page or "Check for updates" button. Not an issue if you use the Microsoft Store version, but otherwise, Spotify has no concern.

This ridiculous bug still exists, 317 days later (10 months & 13 days). I'm on (Windows Store version). Embarrassing turnaround time. Let's hope they don't add five more bugs while fixing this one...


"Our tech folks are continuing to investigaate this backstage." Apparently, the Microsoft Store on my system states 1.1.1 is the latest Spotify version (somehow also called 1.101 in other parts of the Store).

Not sure if 1.1.2 was a desktop-only fix, but that's irrelevant for this bug.


Still no way to know what the latest version of Spotify is independently.


No. You are wrong. I'm a software developer myself and can clearly see that this is an issue only affecting Spotify and no other Windows app. It might of course be a bug in the framework (or any of the third party software) you are using for the app, but then you should atleast acknowledge that here and try to help get it fixed.


A similar app that doesn't have the same problem is Slack.


edit: Try googling for "windows taskbar app on wrong monitor" and this thread is close to the top result. That should give you an indication that this is no Windows-issue. 

Great points, schteff.


Still happening, Spotify. It's been 329 days (10 months and 25 days) since "escalation to the executive team".


Fix Spotify's icon with dual monitors in Windows.


  • Windows 10 Pro x64 1803
  • (Windows Store version)



Gotten another insane response from Spotify that "it's not the Spotify app".



My follow-up messages




This bug will not be fixed until 1) more people report it to Spotify and/or 2) a news site picks this up.


I've never dealt with such inept support for a paid service in 2019 as I have with Spotify.

Today it seems to work like it should for me!

Either Spotify fixed it themselves or maybe they updated like Chromium Embedded Framework or some other dependency if the problem was there. 

Same for everybody else?


edit: Scratch that... seems like it started working temporarily and now it displays the icon on the wrong screen again. 
I tried restarting Spotify a couple of times, and the icon was on the correct screen, then tried restarting the computer and Spotify autostarted with the icon on the correct screen. Then I wrote the above post. And then I tried one more time to restart Spotify and the icon was on the wrong screen... This might be why Spotify has such a hard time fixing the bug, it might not be that easy to reproduce if it is not consistent. 

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