Spotify skipps every Song

Spotify skipps every Song


Ive got the same problem that got fixed for other people just by turning off Hardware Accel or switching output devices but both of those things do not offer a permanent solution.


When i turn off my current output and turn on another one and restart Spotify then it works sometimes but im not really interested in doing this EVERY day just to listen to Music. It gets annoying very fast.


I reinstalled Spotify and it didnt help either.

Im using Spotify Permium on a Windows 10 PC. Playing songs on my phone works without a problem but changing Devices from Phone to PC does not work. Switching to a VPN does not help either.

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I have exactly the same problem. My app in windows say "Spotify can t read the content for the moment. If you own the file on your computer you can import it"
no problem with the phone application but it s really annoying


Edit : found the solution :


Thanks but that didnt fix it either for me.

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