Spotify won´t play music


Spotify won´t play music


Ok so the problem that I have is that on my Desktop (Win 8.1, latest updates etc) Spotify won´t play any music over certain outputs.

If I set my audio output (for the whole pc) to my headset everything works perfectly fine. But when I set it to my Audio Interface (Behringer UMC 1820) it won´t play any songs whatsoever (regardless of downloaded, not downloaded or local files). When I then completely restart Spotify (while the UMC is still selected as an output device) it works again, but only until I change something (skipping a song, changing the playlist, etc). I´ve tried to troubleshoot it and it definetly does not have anything to do with local files, as this problem occurs when those are completely deactivated as well.

The problem seems to become worse when I´m using my phones (Galaxy S7 and S10) as a remote to control spotify.


When this problem occurs, the song won´t play but instead after five seconds there´s a blue pop up at the top of the screen saying "Aktueller Song kann nicht abgespielt werden" (I´m German) which means something like "Current song can´t be played", although it´s not just the current song but every song that can´t  be played.


The weird thing is that it worked perfectly fine for months. Then completely out of the blue without me changing anything it stopped working and I don´t have a single clue why.


Thanks in advance


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Re: Spotify won´t play music


I am having the exact same issue with a similar Behringer interface. Can't find ANY solutions either.