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Spotify won't scrobble to

Spotify won't scrobble to

I'm encountering an issue where Spotify will not scrobble to Currently, the only way to fix this is to reinstall Spotify, but I have to do so every day as it stops working when I restart my computer. I have been reinstalling Spotify every day for the past 3 days, but this obviously is a huge hassle.


I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting the app on, restarting the Spotify client, logging out and logging back in etc., but nothing so far except for a clean reinstall works. 


EDIT: The issue seems to have resolved itself now? Strange, but whatever I guess **bleep**

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Same here. Scrobbles from Mobile and Web Player, keeps stopping a few hrs after reinstalling on Spotify Desktop (Windows). Really annoying, hopeful of a fix soon. There have been quite a number of reports about this recently via the support so hopefully there'sa fix for this soon? I am a paying subscriber but this is ridiculous.

I'm so glad it's not just me

Did you try reconnecting the scrobbler?



I can't even find the setting in Spotify's for Mac settings anymore. Did they remove it?

I'm with the same problem since december 25.
None of the songs I heard in this time was scrobbled.
Link of my

I have similar problem.. But it won't scrobble from all my spotify devices (mac app, iOS app, web player). Nothing. I reinstalled Spotify, disconnected a reconnected access. But still same.. no scrobbles since Monday 14th.


Any ideas how to solve this?

My was at least 15 days with error and no scobble. I tried everything at the time, and nothing solved. Until last week I had an idea and I created a new Spotify account and a new account and connected them both and it worked. The scrobble running on new accounts proved the problem was not in my devices but in the system.

After that, I connected the new Spotify account to the old account (with error) and it also worked.
So seeing that everything was going well, I reconnected the old Spotify in the old account of (as in the beginning of the process) and the scoblles came back!

I believe that by making new connections to new accounts, I forced the system to redo the connections.

I hope this information be useful.

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