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Spotify works on every other device except for desktop, including connecting to website

Spotify works on every other device except for desktop, including connecting to website

As of late Spotify has been offline on my desktop app.

I attempted to reinstall but when I went to it said connection timeout. I checked my Windows Firewall, nothing blocked, even made another inbound and outbound rule to allow connections for spotify.exe, checked modem settings if the website was being blocked, tried different internet browsers, with no luck.

However the spotify app and website is available on every other device with no problems, and when I use a VPN I am able to connect to Spotify again, both website and application.

Can someone please help I'm running out of ideas.

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Is there a possibility that your router blocks Spotify?
You seem to know about computers and stuff so I think you are able to check this.
Otherwise just message me and I try to help you.
Have a good day!

I have had a look and I haven't seen anything that may be blocking it, however I may be looking in the wrong place. It is a new modem (Sagemcom F@st 3864, if that helps), so I don't really know my whole way around it. Although to me it doesn't make sense how every device connected to the modem can access Spotify.

Another point I should put out is that I am connected to the modem via ethernet, and every other device uses wifi. I will switch temporarily to see if that removes the issue.

Switching to wifi didn't solve the issue. 

I think there is a possibility that Spotify is only blocked for the MAC-adress that your pc has, so only your pc isn't able to connect to would like to work on your pc in reallife (impossible...I live in germany), but right now I have no idea what causes your problem. Probably it's not even your router...


You could try to run CMD (Win + R, type "cmd", press enter), type in

"ping" and send me a screenshot of the result.

It would surprise me if this works but the VPN thing makes me headaches.

I woke up this morning to find that Spotify was connecting again, both in website and application. It seems to have solved itself. Hopefully it is not temporary. 

I will reopen another thread if the problem persists.

Thank you for your help so far.


I'm glad it works now. Hopefully it wont come back!


Have a good day!


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