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Starting Spotify from DOS CMD

Starting Spotify from DOS CMD

I'm running a music server in core mode and start my music software with DOS commands. What is the command to start Spotify from the CMD line? 

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if you just want to start the desktop version of Spotify you just have to navigate to the directory where the "Spotify.exe" is stored with the "cd" command and then you have to start the executable with "start spotify.exe".


An other possibilty is to create a batch file like this and execute this file.


@echo off

cd C://*your directory*

start spotify.exe


You have to create a new text file with these lines and then you have to save it as a batch file with the ending ".bat"


I hope this helps you.

Please write for further questions!

Already figured it out. The exe is in AppData\Roaming. Couldn't find it initially. Thanks.

I would love help.  Do you know any more command lines for spotify?  I want any and all I can get .  🙂   Mainly "Connect to a device" so I can switch between devices that it is plaing on, with a command line.  🙂 

Saben como se puede hacer para que por linea de comando hacer la siguiente acción: abrir Spotify y que empiece a reproducir una canción o playlist de manera automática?


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