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Starts a song halfway through

Starts a song halfway through

On both my android and on my laptop I have had instances of my songs from my playlist being started halfway through. Mostly on my android, but it has recently happened on my computer too.

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Hi there,

maybe the issue is the wifi as if it messes up on both laptop and phone then it maybe be the internet as it is very usual for this to happen on both devices. Maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling the app at first and if that does not work connect your phone to another wifi network and see if the song plays all the way through. If it works then you know the source of the issue - maybe a solution for if it is a wifi issue is resetting the router. Hope that helps!


- Shaf

That could definitely be it; Unfortunately I'm using a college campus wifi so resetting the router isn't an option! I'll have to test it later.

Much appreciated haha i hope you can solve your issue

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