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This update is not working for me... :/

This update is not working for me... :/

1. I had Equalify Pro installed on my computer and they had an updated version that is supposed to work with this new version of Spotify. Well, I installed the new Equalify and it does not work. No matter what I do.

2. When I play music, I have NO audio. At all. I checked a billion times and nothing is muted. So Spotify is now pretty much useless.


I already tried a clean reinstall of spotify which I though fixed both problems. Turns out it only fixed the problems because it installed the earlier version of Spotify.


Is anyone else having these problems??

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Keep asking here for the Spotify devs to notice if you really believe this is an issue directly from their new Spotify desktop client update


Or ask the dev of Equalify himself to look into this issue and fix it by a fix on his own app.


Also Equalify posted an important note on their website to update their Equalify in order to work on the lastest Spotify desktop client app. That's was last January 12, 2017


Updatting your Equalify might solve this issue

I did all of that yesterday and it still doesn't work. I also already notified the developer of Equalify about this. Just thought I'd notify both of you.

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