Storage probleme / Local Files

Storage probleme / Local Files

Hello everyone,


I would like to know where the "downloaded" playlists are stored on PC?


And is it possible to modify the installation folder of spotify?


Thank you in advance.

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Hey @user-removed! Thanks for writing.


You can check the current storage folder for Spotify's cache by going to Settings > Show advanced settings > Cache. All downloaded songs from Spotify will be located in that folder.


If you want to change the destination folder, just click on the "Change Location" button. On the other hand, the app will automatically install in your PC's primary hard drive.


We hope this helps. Have an awesome day 🙂

Hey @JulianObsidian !
Thanks for your help !
Last question if possible, This folder: c: \ users \ username \ appdata \ local \ spotify \ data continues to grow. Is this normal? what to do ?

That's why I would like to install it on another hard drive and not on the main.

Thank you in advance

Don't worry, @user-removed!


You can change the selected folder for Spotify's cache with the steps we shared with you earlier. Doing this will help you save up storage space in your main drive.


If you'd like, you can also perform a clean reinstall of the app with these steps. Doing so will clear all the stored cache for Spotify in your PC. Once you've reinstalled the app, immediately select a different location for the app's stored cache in a different drive.


We hope you have an amazing day 🙂

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