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Suddenly change playlist

Suddenly change playlist



I often use my Spotify Premium account on my work computer running Win 8.1 latestes update etc. Spotify version 0.9.8.... (why don't you take the step and make a version 1??)


Today I have at least 4 times experinced that the playlist I was listning to was being replaced by something completly different. The playlist is still visible but it's not music from the playlist that's played.


I also two times today experienced that while on pause Spotify suddenly decided to start playing without me touching the playbutton. The one time I was not even in front of my computer.


(I don't believe in God or Ghost, so I think we should look for the problem in your code)

2 Replies

Are you using the Soundrop app inside Spotify at all? It appears to be playing by itself lately which has been reported!

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Yes...I have been using the Soundrop App. 


So it's the crook?!!


Ok...thanks. Hope it will be fixed soon, because it's quite annoying.

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