Support for High-DPI screens Windows

Support for High-DPI screens Windows


This was posted two months ago by someone else, but I feel that it is too important to be ignored. I have a QHD resolution Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro laptop, and I use Spotify almost constantly. However, I almost never use the desktop app; with DPI scaling, the scaling is fine, but the resolution is horrrible. With my display, I would hope for 1080p resolution (at least), but apparently it will never happen. My question is: is it possible for the Spotify developers to create a Windows program with high DPI support? Or maybe a Windows 8 app? Pretty please?

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Hi there,


I guess you are talking about this idea, I do agree that this idea is very important.

As soon as an idea reaches 100 kudos it will reach the spotify team and they will change the status. To learn more about the processing of ideas read this post "How your feedback reaches Spotify"


If would suggest to add your kudos and support in that idea, and keep sharing it on sites like Facebook, Twitter...


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Dissappointed this didn't get many kudos, I'd love to see this, spotify could look so beautiful on my high DPI screen!


Yeah seriously, mine looks the same.  The way different programs look on my yoga 2 pro almost makes me wish I bought something with a lower DPI which is disappointing, I have the same issue with iTunes and Chrome at first.  So annoying, and I love spotify too!  Please fix this

The latest desktop beta has support for High DPI screens. How ever the beta is still missing several features. I would only install if you really need because it is a beta and may be buggy. Here's a link to the post for the beta

Hope this helps.


How did you fix the issue with Chrome?


I'm running the beta but in order to enable High-DPI support I had to turn on "Disable display scaling on high-DPI screens" in the compatibilty tab of the app shortcut's properties. Otherwise it looks just as scaled/blurry as the non-beta version.

Also, the Ctrl-plus shortcut key doesn't work, so I have to manually select "Zoom in" from the view menu ten times or everything is super tiny.

It's almost 2016 and still no high DPI support. Although it isn't surprising, iTunes still has no high DPI support. **bleep** windows and their users I guess, there is no money in updating their software for high DPI displays.


Indeed, it still looks rather terrible at 150% scaling.



One year later and Spotify is a blurry mess, so far it is the only app that looks like garbage on my secondary monitors, it only looks decent if you set the scaling to the same value on all monitors, which is useless.

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